Criterion of selection talent -  recruit all talents, emphasis with people’s potential

Smart integration of resources and seek good talents through various channels, no restriction, and no matter where he comes from. With regard to selection of talents, Cenway focuses on ability rather than education and potential as well rather than character.


  Criterion of employment – makes job suitable for employee

For each position to select right person and each person selected will find way to fit in. Regarding development of firm and confrontation, and staff career development as well, timely adjustment is required accordantly, to ensure sustainable development of firm and employee. 


  Criterion of Training – Character building

At Cenway, Moral is a measure of talent, the better is one’s moral consciousness, more achievements he will approach through training, the wider of the platform will be, which is provided by Cenway.


  Criterion of promotion – Career opportunity and well payment

Goal is to make staff successful in career and wealthy in life

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