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Employee Benefits

Cenway believes that caring is a mean of productive force.

The managers who care about employees will make the best team and the best enterprise.

Caring for the health of employees
Cenway provide periodical physical examinations for all employees and every employee has a health file.
The labor union provides health education and consultations for the staff.  
Organizing recreational and sports activities regularly, guide employees live healthy. 

Caring for the development of employees
Cenway develops career plans for employees according to his or her personalities and capabilities.
Let the employees grow throughout competitions.
Provide learning and training opportunities for all employees to let staff grow collectively.

Deliver love, caring and sincerity
Cenway aims to create “household Unity”by, passing out love and caring from the Cenway family to customers.
Have faith in employees, to impress employees with praise, encourage the employees to face challenges.
Give sincerity with heart, expect to receive loyalty from employees.
Hope Cenway can bring a certain level of joyfulness and happiness to the society.

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